Monday, May 16, 2011

Life Just Sucks Sometimes

Sooooooo if one more person asks me when I'm moving I will probably scream.  So consider yourself warned!

We found out last Thursday that the current tenants in the home that we have been waiting to get into for about 3 months took out a second loan which makes the short sale process more complicated. Again. (I'll spare you the short sale mumbo jumbo.)  Its not looking too good for us, so we started looking. Again.  I liked one house, so Steven and I drove out to check it out last night.  It looked alright the first time we drove by so we decided to circle the block and pass by again.  The second time we drove by there were 3 cop cars with cops running out of them to a house across the street.  Scratch that one from my list.  So today, I spent a couple of hours sifting through more houses on the Internet.  This is about the extent of what I found:


OH! And, the boat decided to conveniently stop working.  So scratch our 4 day lake trip off the list too.  I won't be spending the week here anymore.

Life just sucks sometimes.