Sunday, March 14, 2010

Shout Out to My Boy!

Steven and I have been on a big health kick lately, and it has really paid off for him! 20 pounds in the past month. HOLLA! He looks super good. And I'm super proud! I would include a picture, but he'd kill me if he knew I was writing about this, so it's a good thing for me that he never looks at this. I've always wanted us to be more healthy, and he has too; but, lets just say that our actions in the past have been much louder than our words. Sounds like a typical married couple right?? Everytime we started a new thing TOGETHER it always ended two weeks later. I must admit I would get frustrated at times because he didn't want to eat healthy and hit the gym every day. No one else's hubby is like that right?! Its hard to stay healthy when the person you eat almost every meal with doesn't want to eat egg whites and salad! But, his latest achievements have changed his mind somewhat. Last night we sat down to eat dinner and he prayed that, "we could continue to stay healthy and keep the weight off". Say whaaa? I just about fell off my chair and maybe said AMEN a little too loud. Maybe a miracle, maybe not. Regardless, I'm grateful for this big change and hope it sticks around for while! I need to catch up to him!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Gila Valley Temple

I'm super excited for the Gila Valley temple to be done. My mom showed me this video and I thought I would share it with anyone associated with Thatcher/Pima/Safford. Its so crazy that there will be a temple there!