Monday, June 22, 2009

Take Me Out to The Ball Game!

Justin and Elissa came with us to a Mariners game yesterday. Since they were playing the Dbacks we called up Steven's aunt who works for the Diamondbacks about a month ago to ask if she could get us tickets. And she did! Little did we know, they were right behind home plate! We were so excited. They were by far the best seats we have ever had at a baseball game, and made for a very memorable experience!

This girl sat right in front of us we figured out that she is married to one of the Dbacks players. She made sure to show off her HUGE ring the WHOLE time.

Ken Griffey Jr. made one appearance as a designated hitter, but the crowd went crazy for him when he went up to bat.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Boys Night

The other night Emily, Elissa, and I surprised our boys and Jud (his wife is gone for a few weeks) with a poker night. We had been planning it for awhile, but decided last minute that we should do it that night. We ran around to Costco, Safeway and the party store to get everything we needed. We made yummy nachos with tons of toppings. We found a cute bowl with spades all over it for the chips and napkins with poker chips and cards printed on them. I think us girls appreciated the themed decorations more than the boys did! The best part was that it was a surprise and none of them were expecting it. They all had a hard day at work, so it was fun for them to relax for once! Elissa and I could no longer stay awake at about 1 Am, so we walked back to my apartment to clean things up so at least we could go to bed. As we walked out of Emily's we could hear all of the guys laughing from a few doors down. I think that means they had a good time!
Steven, Justin, Chad, and Jud

What guys night is complete without Henry Weinhard's Root Beer?
Its the best!!!

Snoqualmie Falls

A few weeks ago Steven found out that some friends of his are currently living here in the Seattle area. They offered to take us out to Snoqualmie Falls. It was so awesome. The waterfall is HUGE. We took a few of the other couples out with us the next weekend and drove down to the bottom of the waterfall and walked out as close to it as we could get. It is definitely one of my favorite things that we have done thus far. It is so beautiful here!

The view from the lookout point at the top

At the bottom

Steven trying to figure out how he's gonna get closer

On a rock in the middle of the water

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Downtown Seattle & Pike Place Public Market

Last week we went to downtown Seattle to the China Town here to eat some authentic Chinese food. We found a little hole-in-the-wall place that was pretty good. We then made our way down to the famous Public Market on Pike Pl. There were so many people and so many little shops and booths. The Market is famous for the "flying fish". One of the fish markets actually throws the fish from one guy to another. We thought this was gonna be really cool, but we were kinda disappointed. We aren't sure what all the hype is about! But, we still had fun walking around and seeing all the HUGE fish and getting ice cream cones afterwards!

Steven LOVES fish!

Some of the Seattle Skyline

Friday, June 12, 2009

Our Condo

The company Steven works for sets us up in apartments every year. Everyone that works in our office lives in the same complex, which is really fun. This year we got condos! I love the location. We are in Renton, just 20-30 minutes away from downtown Seattle. I wake up every morning and look out of the window and still can't believe that we get the opportunity to live in such a pretty place! We live right across the street from Lake Washington and Coulon Beach Park. Target is right down the street, along with LA Fitness (which we go to every morning when we aren't being lazy :) ) The new Seattle Seahawks training facility is also very close, as is a huge Boeing facility.

Our condos are 3 stories. The stairs are a major PAIN, but we are getting used to them.
A back view of our condos.
Disclaimer: These aren't pictures of my actual kitchen. I wish my kitchen was currently decorated this cute! But, this is what the main floor of our condo looks like!

And this is the best part... The view from our blacony and bedroom window!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

We're Blogging!

Yay! We finally have a blog. This will be a perfect way to share our crazy life with friends and family.