Monday, March 28, 2011


39: Days till graduation
69: Days till I start PT school
30: Days inbetween graduation and PT school =(
∞ :Days till we get into our house (thats what it feels like anyways!)

$11.00: Dollars per hour that I will no longer be bringing into the Conners household come May (yikes)
$1,000ish+: Approximate amount that it would take to redo all of the windows with plantation shutters so I don't have to learn how to sew curtains... I highly doubt this will happen anytime soon; a girl can dream right?! But, I am stoked about the cornice I am going to make.
$864: price of the entertainment center that I REALLY want...

I dream in furniture and decorating lately.  I can't wait to get started.

2: Number of diet cokes I have had today.
0: Number of times I have showered today.  HA!  Yeah, I woke up late. Again.  I did shower before bed last night if that counts!
17: Number of friends/family members that are prego/have had a baby within the past few months.
3: Number of years Steven & I have been married come April 18th.
6: Approximate number of HGTV shows I watch per week.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

October-November-December-January-February =)

Its been awhile!  Here's the past 5 months in quick (not really!) detail: 

October brought my BiRtHdAy!!!  I had such a great day thanks to my awesome family and super sweet husband. Steven got me my very own Blackberry which I ABSOLUTELY love AND let me pick out an awesome bracelet at Brighton.  Looove him! 

Thank you to whoever left this all over our front door.  It was so sweet and made me feel super special.  I'm pretty sure I know who it was *cough (CRYSTAL) *cough.

We ate at Texas Roadhouse (of course) and Ami and Matt came by to visit later that evening.  I had an awesome day which helped with the horrible "getting old" feeling...  I'm already 23!  I'm getting so OLD!

We did the MS WALK 2010 at the Phoenix Zoo at the beginning of November for my mom.  My mom was shocked at how many people were there! We are SO grateful for EVERYONE that came out to support her and donated.  We exceeded our donation goal even though we organized everything just a week before the event.  My mom is such a champ!  I'm amazed everyday at the way she doesn't let such an ugly illness stop her.  I totally forgot the camera that morning so I didn't get any pictures...

My cousin Jill and her two girls came to stay with us so she could come to the walk.  We had so much fun with her here! It was great to have kids running around our house. She has the BEST kids ever.  Thanks to her and this adorable girl I have become SUPER baby hungry.  This girl didn't cry once the whole three days they were here!  Best baby ever! 

Thanksgiving brought a MUCH NEEDED break for me and a super busy weekend for Steven.  This year was our first year alone.  I spent my first Thanksgiving away from Thatcher and it turned out pretty dang good! Steven played football that morning with a bunch of guys from the ward while I scoped out all of the Black Friday ads with one of the wives. We cooked our first turkey and enjoyed the quiet day together.  Steven was at work (Best Buy) at 3AM Friday morning and I went to Target where I failed miserably.  Black Friday is NOT for me.  That was my first time and I will NEVER do it again alone.  I definitely needed a wing man. But, I did just fine alone at Hobby Lobby later that day.  =)  Shout out to Steven's store who did AWESOME Thanksgiving weekend.  They outsold every other store in the Phoenix valley between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Steven also got promoted to Sales Lead in January!

December brought some great friends of ours to visit.  We met Jud and Michelle when we worked in Seattle 2 summers ago.  These two became instant friends, and I hope they always will be.  Jud was doing a show in Tucson for the weekend so they stayed with us on the way through.  They came back in January, brought their little boy, and stayed for almost a week.  We had a blast hanging out!

Check out Jud's work. Its super creative!

December also brought STEVEN'S gRaDuAtIoN!!  We had such a great day with our families.  Steven's parents, brother Wes, his grilfriend Shawna, little Miss McKenna, and his grandma and her husband Bill came along with my whole family.  We later grilled out at our house and celebrated.  I'm so proud of Steven and all of his hard work.  This day was a huge step towards our future! I contributed by bringing home 6 A's for the fall semester.  Yes I'm totally bragging, but I worked really hard and none of them came easy.

January brought a new semester of school for me. The last one of undergrad!! I also started hearing back from some of the schools I applied to.  NAU and the school that was our #1 choice in Spokane, WA gave me the ax.  The Spokane rejection was a hard one to process; we were really hoping for a new adventure up in Washington.  BUT, after a few tears and feeling like a total loser, I'm so happy I won't have to deal with the frigid temps. 

I was offered an interview at Midwestern here in Glendale, and found out 4 days later that I GOT IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, its that exciting.  So exciting that I cried. Again.  Are you starting to notice a trend?  I am 1 of 50 accepted out of over 700 applicants. We hurriedly contacted some favorite realtors of ours and started house hunting.  Last week we put an offer on a cute house in Tolleson (yes, Tolleson) haha.  Cross your fingers that we get it!

The next day UNLV in Vegas called me at 10 pm to ask if I could be in Vegas in 24 hours to interview.  I told them no thanks, I've decided to stay in AZ.  And, then I cried all the way from Ahwatukee.  Yep, again.  I worked SO STINKING HARD to get a positive response from any school that would give me a chance, and I kinda felt like saying no in less than minute was me failing to see every opportunity through.  But, I'm confident that Arizona is where we need to be right now.  This whole process has been very challenging emotionally and I couldn't have done it without Steven.  He has been such a wonderful source of love and support, and constantly insists that I'm not a loser. =)  What a keeper.