Monday, March 28, 2011


39: Days till graduation
69: Days till I start PT school
30: Days inbetween graduation and PT school =(
∞ :Days till we get into our house (thats what it feels like anyways!)

$11.00: Dollars per hour that I will no longer be bringing into the Conners household come May (yikes)
$1,000ish+: Approximate amount that it would take to redo all of the windows with plantation shutters so I don't have to learn how to sew curtains... I highly doubt this will happen anytime soon; a girl can dream right?! But, I am stoked about the cornice I am going to make.
$864: price of the entertainment center that I REALLY want...

I dream in furniture and decorating lately.  I can't wait to get started.

2: Number of diet cokes I have had today.
0: Number of times I have showered today.  HA!  Yeah, I woke up late. Again.  I did shower before bed last night if that counts!
17: Number of friends/family members that are prego/have had a baby within the past few months.
3: Number of years Steven & I have been married come April 18th.
6: Approximate number of HGTV shows I watch per week.


  1. 17 prego friends? That is seriously unheard of....I have like 2 hahah. Someone is trying to tell you something!

  2. Well they can keep trying! =) Isn't it YOUR turn??