Sunday, January 31, 2010

Families Are Forever

This past week Steven and I were able to attend my cousin Jill's sealing to her hubby Tom and their little girl Annie. It was a great reminder of the wonderful blessings we are able to receive when we attend the temple. It was the first sealing besides my own that I have ever been to; it was nice to hear those words again and be reminded of my wedding day. Their little girl was so cute all dressed in white with her big green pacifier! I'm so grateful for the gospel and the knowledge of our loving Heavenly Father. Congrats Daleys! We are so happy for you, and are super excited to meet your next little one on the way!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

I love this stuff...

Its been two weeks since I have had one of these. As much as I love it; I feel so much healthier without it. I just thought I'd share my little victory with anyone that cares!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Playoff runs two years in a row!? We're hoping they come up with another big win on Saturday!!!


Saturday, January 9, 2010

Its January Already?!

Well its been way too long. The past few months have flown by; especially the holidays! We both made it through the fall semester with A's and B's and are glad its over. Here a few pictures from the past couple of months. I really REALLY need to be better about taking more pictures. That is one of my new years resolutions. Hold me to it!

Thanksgiving 2009 at the Conners!
Steven with his parents, sisters, and brother.

We met our nephew for the first time. Such a cutie!

Merry Christmas?? haha this is the ONLY Christmas-related picture I have.

So, Steven surprised me with my very own SNOWBOARD, bindings, boots, goggles, Burton pants and anything else I need for snowboarding and we went up to Sunrise right after Christmas. This is me in my lovely red coat during my lesson.
Unfortunately, I had a horrible cold and was having problems with my back. Going snowboarding just made both of these problems a lot worse. We woke up the next morning and decided to cut our trip short and just go home. I felt really bad about the seemingly wasted trip, but we really had fun anyways! Hopefully we can make it back up there again before the season ends.
Uh, yeah. I was falling on my butt too much to take any more pictures...!
That was the only one we got.


Monday will be DAY 1 of P90x for me and Steven. I am SO SO excited to do this! Wish me luck because I've heard its super intense. Don't expect a "before" pic, but stay tuned for our rockin bods! ;) We hope!